Important Things To Consider Before You Start Welding

Jun 14, 2021 Uncategorized

What is welding? It is the process by which two or more metal pieces join together. This process is also popular by the term ‘soldering’. It gets done by heating the end areas of metal surfaces with an electric arc or blowtorch, and then uniting them by hammering, pressing, etc. As welding requires the use of these hazardous accessories, the process can easily trigger fires, and the welder is susceptible to skin burns and, as a worst case scenario, blindness. Naturally, the process involves great risks and only highly skilled professional welders should carry it out.

Let us take a look at some of the important things to consider before you start welding:

#1. Read The Manual Thoroughly:

When you are buying a welding machine, you can choose from different brands. Whichever brand you choose, it is a fact that you cannot completely use the machine unless you know how to work with it properly. Just make sure that you get geeky with the manual. Best Welding Shirts This will help you while you are working, and reduce the welding hazards.

#2. Work At Open Air Areas:

When a person works with a welding machine, I’m sure you’ve noticed that fume and smoke rise up from the metal surface that is getting fixed. When the work gets done inside a closed room, chances are high that you will soon start feeling uneasy and nauseated because of inhaling these toxic gases. So make sure that wherever you work has a proper connection with outside air. And it is best if you choose an open area.

#3. Cover Yourself Up:

While you are welding with utmost concentration, it is possible that sparks coming out of the metal surface go unnoticed and burn your skin. Make sure that you cover every exposed skin by buttoning up the front pockets, cuffs and shirt collars. You can go with flame-resistant clothing like welding jackets and specially designed jeans. It is also important to cover your face (especially your eyes) with a welding helmet. These helmets come with fitter shades which protect the eyes from “arc flashes“.

#4. Wear Gloves & The Right Footwear:

Do not try welding with bare hands, you are sure to get injured. There are special gloves available in market designed only for the purpose of welding. So, it is obvious that these gloves are flame-resistant. You should also go for flame-resistant footwear as sparks can also fly towards your feet and burn them severely. High-top leather shoes or boots are the best suited footwear while working with a welding machine.

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