Limo Hire in Perth – The Rules

Aug 4, 2021 TRAVEL

How can you get an excellent limo hire in Perth? There are a number of ways to go about hiring a Limo each has their advantages and disadvantages. As most of us don’t hire limo’s every day of the week, there are a number of pointers you should watch out for.

To begin your search you could look in that old stand by, the Perth Yellow pages. There you will find that there are about twenty half pages adverts plus lots of smaller adverts and single line entries. There appear to be a huge number of limo companies but in truth many companies have listings under more than one name. The adverts all look the pretty similar as they tend to use stock photo’s of Limos. It is actually quite hard to make an informed choice just by looking at the adverts. Is there another way?
About 20% of the 150 limo companies in Perth have a website. allurelimousines This can provide you with a lot more detail about the cars and the services offered. So “googling” for limo hire in Perth can turn up some useful options. Again you have to do the leg work and sift and sort through the websites.

A final possibility would be to use the new breed of internet service, which is the three quotes system. How it works is that you submit your details, then handpicked limo companies will call you back and compete for your business. Many people prefer this type of service because they know they are dealing with pre screened companies, and the providers come to them (so all the legwork is done for them). Which ever way you choose to find a limo company, there are some important phone clues that can be used assess how good they are.

When you first make phone contact you can get some indication of their level of professionalism. If the Limo company takes a long time to get back to you or does not respond to your queries promptly then maybe reliability is an issue.

A good company will be happy to show you the fleet of cars and even let you choose the one you want for your event. If you are offered to view the car in a local shopping centre car park then this should set alarm bells ringing.

The better run companies will also be able to offer you a guarantee of good service. If the service slips then you should be entitled to some restitution. This could take the form of a discount or extra services at no charge.

A top limo company will have the vehicles fully licensed and insured. They will also have their drivers well trained. Be sure to ask about this when you make your booking.

If you pay attention when making your enquiry about limo hire in Perth you should be able to discern the good companies from the back yard operators.

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